Getting Started Checklist


以下是一个基本的清单,旨在让您在规划Aquaponic系统时考虑一些重要的考虑因素。此清单适用于家庭,爱好和学校系统,如我们的Aquaurban.,HarmonyorAquabundanceModular systems。This checklist does not comprehensively cover the planning required for small farm or commercial scale systems.

Whether you are planning to build your own system or purchase a complete system, we recommend you go through this list to help you plan your project accordingly. Gathering this information is extremely helpful for our team when we are assisting customers so we can ensure that we are providing the best possible solution to meet your goals and objectives.


  • 您是否参加过良好的Aquaponics培训课程?无论您是从我们身上还是从我们身上服用Aquaponics课程,我们强烈建议您使用一直与Aquaponics一起积极发展的教练培训,以便至少五年来培训。在承诺建立或购买您自己的Aquaponics系统之前,重要的是要尽可能多地收集尽可能多的可靠和可信的信息。检查我们的一系列系列华体会真人平台along with our best sellinghth官网
  • Are you a Do-it-Yourselfer? Or do you prefer purchasing something that is already properly designed and well proven?This is an important consideration before getting started in aquaponics. DIY aquaponics can be extremely fun and rewarding but can also take a long time as you are trying to figure many things out on your own. If you want to get up and running quickly you may be better off with a proven system with instructions and technical support. Either way, we have complete华体会体育入口或可用于您选择的路径的各个组件。
  • 你经常旅行,可能远离鱼和植物长期吗?虽然有些事情可以自动化,但即使只是几分钟,通常需要每天参加典型的系统。如果你不将会发生,这是一个好主意,以确保你有一个值得信赖的人,他们在你离开时如何照顾系统。
  • What are your goals and objectives for your aquaponic system?这可能会产生几个其他问题,例如:您打算每周为您的家人种植各种各样的食物吗?你只是在尝试和修补?你打算吃鱼吗?换句话说,你为什么要第一的地方这样做?所有这些问题和更多都应该通过,因此您可以相应地规划系统。这也是我们知道的重要信息,所以我们可以帮助确保您获得最佳系统以满足您的发展目标。
  • Do you have funds available to purchase the equipment needed both at the outset as well as ongoing supplies such as fish feed and supplements?Depending on your goals and objectives the size system you need could range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The scale of the system and your management of it will also require ongoing financial support to cover costs of utilities, supplies and additional expansion if desired.


  • 您致力于您不断增长的环境多少空间?
  • Will your floor support the load of your aquaponic system?较大的家庭系统可能非常沉重。一加仑水重8.5磅,所以200万张咖啡厅的200加仑坦克和贮槽罐将重量超过2000磅。较大的系统如我们的AquabundanceModular Systemsare best suited to be on ground level and on a concrete pad or other structurally reinforced floor system that can support the weight.
  • Can your floor easily be cleaned when it gets wet?Notice we didn’t say “if” here. Water will get on the floor at some point whether it’s from a real accident such as over filling the system or the fish splashing around when they are eating. It’s a good idea to place your system on a surface that is easily cleanable and one that you don’t mind getting wet. In other words not on your living room carpet.
  • 你有获得淡水附近吗?Your system will regularly need to be topped off with water due to natural losses through evaporation and transpiration. It is nice to have a convenient source of fresh de-chlorinated water (more on this later) located nearby for system fills and top offs.
  • 你附近有洗手盆吗?当您正在洗涤生产,网,测试设备,最重要的是,这是一个很好的物品,而且很重要,你的手。
  • Do you have one or more GFI outlets accessible?We recommend using GFI protected outlets or purchasing our湿路电源条to protect from the possibility of electrocution if water and power were to mix. Locating outlets off the floor and above the water line is highly recommended.
  • 电气服务是否可靠?You may take this for granted if you rarely have power outages in your location but this is a major concern for people in many parts of the world and can have a significant impact on your system. Having reliable backup power or other alternatives in the event of frequent power outages is an important consideration to plan for. See our line ofAquabackup.曝气系统可以挽救鱼的生命。
  • Is the system in a secure location?If you have small children or pets you should consider the potential hazards to both the system and your children or pets that could be present. The risk of accidental electrocution or drowning is real if pets or young children were to be climbing around the system. Tampering with the system could also create other unpleasant conditions such as the death of your fish and plants.
  • Will your system be outdoors?Depending on your climate you may have the opportunity to grow outdoors for most or all of the year. You may need to secure your system from natural predators such as raccoons who would love to eat you fresh fish and prized koi. We’ve heard these stories far too often.


  • What is your water source?Understanding where your water is coming from and what quality water you are receiving is extremely important. OurAquaponic Gardening Bookand在线水质和细菌课程更详细地覆盖这一点。简而言之,您需要提供脱氯化水的来源,并且具有对任何潜在的毒素,硬度水平,pH,重金属和其他污染物进行测试的好主意。这将允许您(或我们)确定适当的过滤系统,以确保良好的水正在提供给您的系统。
  • Does the environment have adequate ventilation?It’s important to ensure that there is a regular exchange of fresh air in your environment in order to manage relative humidity levels, temperature and other factors that will affect the quality of your plants.
  • Does your environment require heating or cooling?Depending on your room, building and climate you may need to provide both heating and cooling solutions to manage air temperature and optimize the conditions for plants and your system in general.
  • 你有加热和冷却的源泉吗?There are a variety of ways to heat and/or cool your environment that need to be researched and considered such as natural gas, radiant heating, geothermal, evaporative cooling, shade cloth etc…
  • Will you need to heat the water?This is dependent on the preceding question and also the type of fish you intend to raise in your system. A water temperature between 66 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit is typically a good range but again that is highly dependent on your choice of fish. We can advise you on this if you need further assistance or visit thehth官网 section in our online store to browse available products.
  • 你有加热水的源泉吗?电热,天然气,丙烷,木材,太阳能热等方法有几种加热选择。加热可能需要一种方法。
  • 您是否可以为您的植物提供足够的自然阳光(≅10 to 16 hours a day)?如果您在地下室或车库中成长,您需要进行人工照明。我们有几个hth官网 在我们网站上的Aquaponics照明系统的常见问题解答。根据您的气候,您甚至可能需要人工灯光,即使您是温室。您的建筑,气候区,季节性,植物选择,系统方向和系统的整体增长目标都是重要的考虑因素。

The Living Elements

  • What Plants do you intend to grow?你可能不确定是可以的。但是,您选择的作物可以影响您最终购买的系统类型。媒体床是我们的主食AquaBundancesystems and can grow a wide variety of crops easily. In general, media beds are the most versatile and work well for longer-term fruiting crops such as tomatoes, peppers, or cucumbers. Leafy greens such as lettuce varieties, Kale and Chard also work well in ourGrowasis Deep Water Culture troughs。在同一系统中将DWC和媒体床两种组合可能很好。了解您想要成长的植物类型以及想要增长时,它们也会影响您选择的照明系统,温度和营养需求等。
  • 你打算养鱼是什么鱼?Your choice of fish species is an important one and there are several things to consider. What species are locally available and permitted? Do I want to raise edible fish or not? If you are not up for dispatching and eating your fish, perhaps decorative Koi might be a better option. Fish are generally classified by temperature and each species has a particular temperature range that is ideal for its health and growth. For example, Trout are a cold water species and like temperatures in the 50 to 65F at the highest. Tilapia, on the other hand, are a warm water species desiring temperatures between 72 and 82 degrees. Your choice of fish will influence the target water temperature in the system and whether or not you need to heat the water. There is much more to learn about fish in aquaponics and that’s why there’s a whole chapter in theAquaponic Gardening Book和several other resources on fish on our website as well.


If you are planning on building your own system then the following components will be essential. Our complete水产系统will contain all of the major components you need with a few additional options. We often think about the components of an aquaponics system as the hardware and software. The hardware represents the materials and equipment needed to physically build the system. The software represents the supplies needed to manage and optimize the system on an ongoing basis. Again, this list is designed to be a simple checklist to get you thinking about the components and supplies you might need. Some things are optional depending on your system design and requirements.

Please refer to theAquaponic Gardening Book, ouronline coursesor come take one of our in-depth Aquaponics Classes in Colorado where we discuss system design in great detail. We also offer设计和咨询服务to help you plan your system from scratch.


Common materials and equipment needed to build your system

  • Fish tank(s)Browse ourfish tanks。We can order almost any size you can think of.
  • Grow Bed(s)- 媒体床,Deep Water Culture Troughs,邪恶的床。
  • Grow Bed Supports- 支持你的成长床的重量。这可能是煤渣块或预先设计的框架系统。
  • 罐坦克- 可选,具体取决于系统的设计。
  • Plumbing pipe and fittings– Will vary depending on number and type of grow beds, system layout and other factors.